An Overview of Employment Opportunities in Computer Forensics

The field of computer forensics has emerged because of computers. Why is it so?

Computers have become part of our lives. We use computers to do business presentations and generate statistics. We utilize computers to surf internet, send and receive emails as well as communicate with our friends through instant messaging. In fact, computers are so helpful in making our lives easier. However, due to the widespread use of computers, some people have misused them in illegal activities and caused huge loss to the nation.

Computer forensics can be defined as a way to investigate all types of computer related crimes that are committed with computers. The main tasks of the experts in this field are to identify, preserve, extract and compile the data involved in online criminal activities for legal proceedings. Before getting into this field, it is important for us to know whether there are many employment opportunities in it.

In general, those professionals who get involved in computer forensics carry different titles. In fact, all the terms mean the same thing. The job descriptions are more or less the same. The professionals are often referred to as computer forensics investigators, analysts or experts, digital media analysts, digital security engineers, etc.

There are many employment options for university graduates in digital forensics. Many job opportunities are provided by law enforcement agencies (local, state and federal), government agencies, law firms, private security firms, software development companies, public listed companies which have established computer forensic facilities and even FBI. The FBI has predicted that nearly 50% of its cases will require the assistance of computer forensics professionals in the very near future.

If you have great interest in cyber crime investigation, please do not hesitate anymore. Start working towards this unique career. You don’t need to worry for not getting a job in this field as the demand for these professionals are increasing from time to time.