An Overview of Employment Opportunities in Computer Forensics

The field of computer forensics has emerged because of computers. Why is it so?

Computers have become part of our lives. We use computers to do business presentations and generate statistics. We utilize computers to surf internet, send and receive emails as well as communicate with our friends through instant messaging. In fact, computers are so helpful in making our lives easier. However, due to the widespread use of computers, some people have misused them in illegal activities and caused huge loss to the nation.

Computer forensics can be defined as a way to investigate all types of computer related crimes that are committed with computers. The main tasks of the experts in this field are to identify, preserve, extract and compile the data involved in online criminal activities for legal proceedings. Before getting into this field, it is important for us to know whether there are many employment opportunities in it.

In general, those professionals who get involved in computer forensics carry different titles. In fact, all the terms mean the same thing. The job descriptions are more or less the same. The professionals are often referred to as computer forensics investigators, analysts or experts, digital media analysts, digital security engineers, etc.

There are many employment options for university graduates in digital forensics. Many job opportunities are provided by law enforcement agencies (local, state and federal), government agencies, law firms, private security firms, software development companies, public listed companies which have established computer forensic facilities and even FBI. The FBI has predicted that nearly 50% of its cases will require the assistance of computer forensics professionals in the very near future.

If you have great interest in cyber crime investigation, please do not hesitate anymore. Start working towards this unique career. You don’t need to worry for not getting a job in this field as the demand for these professionals are increasing from time to time.

Computer Forensics Investigations

As the number of individuals using computers, mobile phones, satellite navigation systems and other digital devices increases, it comes as no surprise that the quantity of criminal cases involving computers and the internet is rising on an almost daily basis. This can primarily be blamed on the increased use of the internet, with people of all ages, from across the globe browsing websites on a daily basis. There is a UK company that specialises in the field of computer forensics; they work to uncover vital evidence from digital devices that could link individuals to criminal activities.

Computer forensics can be implemented by a range of sectors, from law enforcement and legal services to the corporate and public sectors. Most often, this company works closely with the Police on criminal investigations helping them to discover evidence that is necessary to charge an individual or to be used as part of criminal proceedings.

For companies who suspect computer misuse, it is incredibly important to employ an experienced computer forensics expert to work on this type of case. While many IT experts may feel they are well equipped to uncover files and other such data in-house, the reality is that experienced criminals can ensure that data is hidden deep within digital devices. If not handled correctly the integrity of the evidence can be damaged – meaning failure in court – or the data could even be permanently lost.

A forensics specialist provides a number of services related to digital forensics, these include deleted data recovery, e-discovery, mobile phone forensics, cell site analysis, SatNav forensics and a range of other covert services.

The services that they offer can be used in a range of circumstances, from simple work-related computer violations to serious criminal activities such as fraud, identity theft, assault, murder, blackmail and terrorism. Should any business require assistance with any computer related offences, they are encouraged to contact this digital forensics company.

Their website offers fully comprehensive details relating to all of their services, they also have a number of case studies that explain how these have previously been put into practice. To request further information relating to computer forensics, their team are on hand to take calls. Alternatively, potential clients can fill out the enquiry form on the website.

Qualifications And Skills Required For Getting Computer Forensics Jobs

Computer forensics jobs are the most popular career option in the information technology (IT) industry. People working in this profession get attractive remuneration packages for the work they do. The best thing about this option is that it has many opportunities for career development. The high demand for computer forensics jobs can be attributed to the rapid increase in the number of computer related crimes. Experts in this field can be employed in a number of different areas such as law enforcement, businesses, intelligence agencies, the military and other commercial corporations.

The Job Description of Computer Forensic Analysts

These professionals use their IT skills to gather evidence that can be used in courts of law to convict criminals. Their job involves gathering useful data from email accounts, the Internet and different types of digital media. Incriminating evidence can also be obtained from laptops, PDAs and cell phones. The most common crimes that these professionals usually investigate include identity theft, child pornography, embezzlement, and hacking. Generally, they investigate crimes that involve the use of digital media.

Computer forensics jobs vary depending on the type of computer degree one has and area of specialization. For instance, IT professionals with extensive knowledge of accounting are best to investigate embezzlement cases. Data recovery is also an important skill for forensic investigators. This is because criminals often erase electronic data to cover their tracks. The data recovered is admissible in court.

Qualifications and Skills required

Science is a very important subject for forensic investigators. Specialists in digital forensics must have extensive knowledge of computers. These experts must understand several programming languages. They must also have extensive knowledge of computer hardware. Having an analytical mind, an eye for detail and a high degree of honesty and integrity is also a requirement. For a person to become a certified computer forensics analyst, he or she must also complete a certification course.

These courses vary according to the level of expertise required and the area of specialization. Professionals in this field are also required to sign a Code of Ethics. You can learn more about the profession by doing a simple online search.

Reasons Why You Should Look for Computer Forensics Jobs

  • Great prospects: In these harsh economic times where the rate of unemployment is so high, computer forensics jobs are available in plenty. Apart from job openings in law enforcement, you can also become a digital media analyst, a forensic consultant, an independent investigator or a network security officer.
  • Career Advancement: The more specialized you become, the better your career prospects.
  • Lucrative Income: A computer forensics salary can range from $80,000 annually to $120,000. However, remuneration packages depend on the type of employer one has, experience and level of expertise.
  • Exciting Career: Nothing is more exciting than tracking down criminals from your desk. You will experience a great deal of satisfaction from your job.

Where to find Computer Forensics Jobs

Experts in this field can be employed in private companies, government agencies and big corporations. Currently, the demand for professionals who can detect and prevent crimes such as fraud and embezzlement is very high. There is also the growing need for policing the cyber world.

Most of these job opportunities will require a forensic science degree and some experience. After completion of forensics training, a person can be employed regardless of his or her experience.