Privileges of Working in Computer Forensics

Have you ever got a dream to work for FBI? Almost 50% of FBI jobs require computer forensics applications. If you are a digital forensics expert, your chance to get into FBI is high. Apart from working in this special organization, there are many strong reasons to support that computer forensics expert is indeed an ideal career option in today’s fast changing world.

Being a digital forensics expert, you always feel great because you are given an important mission to find out cyber criminals. In fact, you are carrying an important social responsibility in helping the nation to find out IT fraud and reduce IT crimes.

The high rate of fraud, abuse and downright criminal activity on IT systems by hackers, contractors and even employees has created countless job opportunities in computer forensics field. Working as a digital forensics expert can be a life long career that provides a stable lifestyle and satisfactory income. The higher qualification you have, the more income you can generate. In United States, the salary range of a computer forensics expert is from USD 100,000 to USD 150,000 annually. Isn’t it lucrative?

Being an expert in this niche market, you are always “mobile”. This is because the certification you obtain from digital forensics field is recognized internationally. You have the privilege to work in any country you like. You are secured to get a job in anywhere as cyber crimes happen everywhere around the world.

The ongoing trend of computer crimes, such as identity theft and cyber terrorism has made this profession more and more challenging. You would definitely be exciting when you get involved in this unique field. Dealing with tones of data and many different people from different industries is your daily task. You would never feel bored and yet you are always exposed to the latest high tech computer forensics tools. To sum up, it is truly an ideal career option.