Smartphone, iPhone and Mobile Phone Forensics

With the current rapid surge in mobile phone technology, many criminals have begun to manipulate the capability of such convenient and widely used devices. The development of advanced smartphones, such as the iPhone, have presented a new temptation to thieves and villains alike, thus producing a new threat to the public and business sector. Through utilising and misusing handsets within their illegal activity, they have been able to open up a whole new avenue within which to participate in criminal practice. Luckily, these forensic experts are able to efficiently close such openings, through the implementation of highly skillful mobile phone forensics.

Smartphones can be customised with a whole host of applications, all of which can leave valuable digital traces of how – and even where – they have been used.  Such popular handsets are also being used to record videos, and take pictures of their illicit activity, due to the increasingly capable technology installed within such devices.

Using their own internally developed tools and techniques to complement their comprehensive forensic portfolio, this leading forensic company possess the specialist skills and equipment to retrieve sensitive data, which could prove vital within an investigation. Their effective methods and expertise give them the ability to recover deleted messages, videos and pictures, which may be invaluable in convicting potential suspects – or uncovering a user’s activity. They can also analyse phone data to establish when calls were made, whom the calls were made to, and at what time and they were made. From such data, they will collate extensive and in-depth reports as to the findings, to give you the most information possible.

Offering a full forensic data service, they also specialise in areas such as;

•    Digital forensics

•    Computer evidence

•    Cell site analysis

•    Computer forensic advice

•    E-Discovery

•    Computer analysis

Such services prove instrumental within a wide range of police enquiries, uncovering important truths surrounding the case at hand.

They are not only experienced, but also extremely knowledgeable in gaining essential information from all makes, models and versions of Smartphones and iPhones. Their impressive history of collating and uncovering vital evidence using mobile phone forensics, has been crucial within hundreds of separate cases, allowing them to continue to play a crucial part within many important investigations.