The Role That Computer Forensics Can Play in Securing a Conviction

Occurrences of computer misuse have risen dramatically in recent times with rapid advancements in information technology. Many people who misuse computers assume that because of the vast number of PCs and laptops used around the world every day that they are safe from conviction of computer misuse.

However, when computer misuse is detected, the computer needs to be securely seized and taken away for analysis. Experts in computer forensics can analyse the digital trail left during computer misuse much to the surprise of the perpetrator.

It is vital that, when misuse is suspected, the computer in questions is quarantined until it can be examined by an expert in computer forensics. . Data and serious evidence can be lost if an unqualified person tries analyse the digital trail so it is always advised that a professional forensic team be called.

There are numerous ways in which a computer can be misused. There are many high profile cases involving, for example, indecent images, but blackmail, identity theft, fraud and drug related offences could be traced through computer forensics.

Deleted files can be retrieved through a process of precise extraction. Done so by a professional it can reveal robust evidence that can be used for convictions both civil and criminal.

Reputable computer forensic companies can provide the most appropriate – and proportionate – service for any case that may need evidence extracted from a computer. They have experts in the field of digital forensics who know where to look and how to safely and precisely extract evidence from computers, without damaging this fragile data. Using a computer forensics company without the appropriate standards, accreditations, training and security can render your digital evidence unreliable.

Just like other elements of a legal investigation, computer forensics teams have strict procedures to follow and it isn’t as simple as seizing a computer and extracting potentially harmful files. It is important that the process is done correctly and follows strict guidelines so the evidence can be used effectively within a conviction and justice can be served.